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What is IIPC?

IIPC is a world-wide organization for the promotion of photography and all its branches. The RPS (Royal Photographic Society of UK) and the PSA (Photographic Society of America) are the two other international bodies concerned with the advancement of photographic art and science. These two being in the West, a vacuum was left in the eastern hemisphere. This lacuna was felt by many eminent photographers in India and abroad. In 1983 on the lines of PSA and RPS, India International Photographic Council with its headquarters in New Delhi was founded. In a short span of 36 years IIPC has become a fast growing international body. Direct and indirect membership of amateur and professional photographers has crossed the 10,000 mark and photographers are enlisting themselves not only from within the country but also from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Finland, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Romania etc.


Stalwarts associated with IIPC:

Legendary photographic personalities like Yousuf Karsh, Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPS, FPSA; Wellington Lee Hon FPSA, Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; R. H. Mason Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC, Hon FBIIP; Margaret Harker, hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC, Hon FBIIP; Fritz Garbur

Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Norman Rothschild Hon FIIPC, FPSA; Erick Hosking Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Peter Gowland Hon FIIPC, FRPS; Michel Langford Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Prof John Hedgecoe Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Ted Dicinson FRPS FPSSA;

Stephen Dalton Hon FRPS Hon FIIPC; Jerry N Uelsmann Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Paul D Yarrow Hon FIIPC, FRPS, FPSA,

Hon PSA; DeWitt Bishop Hon FPSA, Hon FIIPC; Firtz Henle Hon FIIPC, FRPS; Andreas Feininger Hon. FIIPC; Dan Heidell FPSA, FSIIPC; Victor Blackman Hon FRPS, Hon FIIPC; Istvan Toth Hon FIIPC, FRPS; A. L. Syed Hon FIIPC; R. R. Bhardwaj hon FIIPC; O. C. Edwards Hon FIIPC, ARPS; P. L. Raota Hon FIIPC, FRPS; T. Kasi Nath Hon FIIPC, ARPS, APSA; Datta Khopkar Hon FIIPC, FRPS; K.G. Maheshwari Hon FIIPC, ARPS, APSA; Prof E. Mathe hon FIIPC, FPSA and many others are among the founders, Honorary Fellows and Members of the Council.


Membership of the IIPC

People from all walks of life and age groups with varying degrees of standing in the field of photography are members of the IIPC. Membership is open to everyone anywhere in the world. You can join as an individual member or as a life member. Photographic Clubs, Institute’s, Societies or Federations can become organizational members.

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.”

        Yousuf Karsh


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