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"Nature Is Us" a nature club joins IIPC as an OM Member

IIPC has given honorary affiliation to “NATURE IS US”, a Facebook group. The group has registered with IIPC as an organizational membership no: OM - 386

Two of our office bearers Mr. Ashok Talwar (FPASP, AIIPC, Hon APSG,ASIIPC) and

Mr. Aseem Sharma (FIIPC, Hon FPSG, Hon FSAP, ASIIPC, PSA Gold, PSG Gold)

are common to both organisations - The aim and the fundamental idea behind

this group is to strengthen the bond between nature and humans, which we all

know is under severe threat . Membership to this group is free and the initial

screening has been waved off for IIPC members - members can exhibit their

photographs / messages / articles and experiences on this platform,

if the following simple guidelines are followed - Material shared should be in line with the objectives of the group - Credit to the author should be clearly mentioned - if you do not know the source of the

material it should also be mentioned as unknown source. - Only material which is positive in nature will be published - It is clearly exhibited on the group that all materials are intellectual

property of the author and should be respected To become a member, please click on the following link I RESPECT NATURE 'CAUSE I RESPECT MY SELF - NATURE IS US Hope to see you soon as a group member !

Hope to see you soon as a group member !

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